Good Cause

Why is giving important? Giving strengthens Rebel & the Gypsea’s values. We feel that we have a moral duty to use what we have to help saving the oceans. Having the power to improve our world is a privilege. Acting on these feelings of responsibility gives us a great way to reinforce our values. We hope to inspire other brands to do the same. Every donation to a cause that’s important to you makes a difference, even if it is a small one.

We aim to address like-minded people, who are aware of the immense value of coral in our oceans. We try to be a little bit better every day and know we need to revise our goals constantly in order to protect what we love. We try to make goods for a better future. We protect what we love.

Rebel & the Gypsea chose Coral Gardeners since we strongly believe in their mission. Did you know, based on current trends, all coral reefs may be dead by the year 2050? This would be an enormous loss for our planet and will affect hunderds of millions of people. By donating a small amount from every transaction we hope to help the fight against coral extinction and support coral reef restoration their nurseries. We will plant coral and post our certificates on our social media.

Together we are changing the world, one coral at a time.



Defend | Conserve | Protect

As we mention above, we need to revise our goals as a small business constantly in order to protect what we love.. We want to help where we can and create awareness around Ocean Conservation. After the launch of the documentary Seaspiracy (which we recommend you to watch asap) we decided we need to do more. We will send monthly donations to Sea Shepherd and will help to spread the ugly truth around mankind killing all life in the oceans. If you wish to learn more about the vision and mission of Sea Shepherd please take a look on their website: We would also encourage you to donate since these donations help to use satelite connections to track poachers, purchase audio-visual equipment to monitor illegal activities, cook vegan food for their crew, maintain their engine room, supply charts for their bridge team and fuel their vessels and smallboats.

Remember that all small actions make a difference. Together we can do this.




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